OlympicBiz eTools Service for Businesses

olympicidea-sme-toolsOlympic Idea has developed an electronic platform that helps small or medium-sized enterprises enter the world of e-commerce and promote their business online and offline.

Most small or medium-sized enterprises do not have a web presence, such as a website, blog or e-shop. But even if they do, it lacks some important elements like simplicity, usability or the actual traffic.
This, in most cases, happens due to the following reasons:

  1. Lack of money: A website costs thousands of dollars, and even then, you must find an expert, pay him to do the job and also pay him to update your website or e-shop.
  2. Lack of time: Most business owners are devoted to their daily tasks, which means that they don’t have the luxury to write pages of text for their website.
  3. Lack of expertise and technology awareness: When you have your own business, you rarely have the time to educate yourself on technology and the trends of the Internet. Lack of expertise means that all activities that must be done to create and maintain a website can be frustrating!

Bill Gates once said:

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business…

OlympicBiz e Platform comes to solve most of the above 3 problems:

  1. The cost of the tools is $160/year, an amount that every business owner can pay for taking the first steps towards the new economy.
  2. The OlympicBiz ePlatform is something you can learn and use in the first 30 minutes while you create your first web presence step by step with one of our representatives.
  3. No expertise is needed to use the online platform and maintain you website/e-shop and advertise. It’s just like using your word processor software.

Here is what the business owner gets when purchasing the OlympicBiz eTools platform:

Sample Website https://doros77.olympicbiz.com

Sample Website

Create your website quickly and easily!

Just upload your picture, write some text, upload up to 4 pictures that are relevant to your products/services and click “Create My Website.”

That’s it! Your [username].olympicbiz.com website is online instantly.
Our representative will be glad to assist in getting you started.

Using the OlympicBiz eTools someone can create a website and go online in 10 minutes.

The OlympicBiz eshop

The OlympicBiz eshop

You can create a simple shop for your business in just 15 minutes!
Have you ever thought that making your own e-shop is as easy as 1,2,3?
Our vision was to create an all-in-one online platform that would allow people with no previous experience on the Internet to be able to setup their e-presence.

In the Olympic Idea back office, you can set up your e-shop and first 3 products in just 15 minutes in 3 easy steps:

  • Upload your header image for the e-shop.
  • Create a category of products with 2 clicks.
  • Create a new product by adding a title and full description. Upload up to 4 pictures with a simple, straightforward process.

In 15 minutes, you are ready to go and you have your own link to share with customers.
It’s so simple!

olympicbiz backoffice

Backoffice of the OlympicBiz eTools platform

Building a website and an e-shop isn’t enough to be found. It’s like building a wonderful store in the woods and expecting customers to come. The same applies to the Internet. If you build your website or e-shop, you need people to visit it in order to generate sales.
The OlympicBiz platform, apart from helping you creating a website and e-shop, allows you to create your own slider (advertising banner). Creating a banner takes just 5 minutes, using a special form in our online platform and it is displayed to our Olympic Idea members very often, especially to the members living near your business.

Olympic Discounts

Olympic Discounts

If you really want to promote your business to Olympic Idea members and attract more customers, you need to think about your discount policy.
Our members expect discounts from you. That’s what they pay for. They need to be treated as special customers, thus they expect special discounts that do not compare to the daily discount policy of your business.
Olympic Idea gives you the option to set your discount rate and create an ad displaying exactly what you provide discounts on. Make sure you take advantage of this feature wisely and try generous discounts in order to attract more customers. Don’t forget that you can change the discount percentage when you wish to.

Olympic Deals

Olympic Deals

Deals and sales are what attract the most customers. Olympic Idea members pay a monthly fee to find attractive offers from business partners.
So, Olympic Idea will provide business owners with a link in their backoffice that is called “Post Deal,” and they can post as many deals as they want with no extra cost.
This is a real customer magnet, and it’s included free in our online platform.

Olympic Freebies

Olympic Freebies

Do you want to get your company into the eyes of thousands of people? Are you willing to give your potential clients something for free?
Lots of business owners are willing to give a small gift to first-time customers. It can be a product, a service or anything else that is of value!

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On the left side, you can see what you get overall by buying the OlympicBiz eTools platform. Mention that you can only purchase the tools by a representative of Olympic Idea and not directly from our website.

  • OlympicBiz eTools for Businesses
  • Just $160 Per Year
  • Make your business visible to the world! Get access to our online platform that will give you all the appropriate tools to go online.

  • OlympicBiz Website Creation Tool
  • OlympicBiz Eshop Creation Tool
  • OlympicBiz Banner/Slide Creation Tool
  • Ability to Post Deals visible to members
  • Ability to Post Discounts visible to members
  • Ability to advertise Free Services visible to members
  • 50mb Hosting space for images